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Creating a website with Joomla is simple, the deployment of this site will help you.

The few basic principles presented below will guide you in understanding this software.


What is a Content Management System?

A content management system (CMS or CMS) is a software that allows you to easily create and manage web pages, separating content creation from the technical management required for webcasting.
The editorial content is stored and rendered by a database, the appearance (font, size, color, location, etc.) is managed by a template (site layout).
The Joomla software makes it possible to unite these two structures in a user-friendly way and to make them accessible to the greatest number of users.

Two interfaces

Joomla site is structured in two distinct parts: the visible part of Frontend's "Frontal" site in English and the pure administration part called Administrator's "Administration".


You can access the administration by clicking on the "Administration" link present in the "Member Menu" menu module visible after logging into the site or by adding / administrator in the URL after the domain name (example: Use the username and password created when installing Joomla.


If your profile has sufficient rights, you can create articles and edit them from the front-end of the site. Log in through the "Login" module using the username and password created during the Joomla installation.

Create an article in front

When you are logged in, a new menu named "Members Menu" appears. Click the "Create an article" link to display the text editor and media insertion. To save the item, you must specify which category it belongs to and its publication status. To edit it, click the Edit Item icon. You can work on unpublished or timed publication articles and, as part of a collaborative work, only make them visible to a particular group of users before making them public.

Learn more

A full use of Joomla requires some advanced knowledge that you can acquire in the official documentation of Joomla or on the French-speaking help site and in the official forum or forum francophone.