Blue Flower

6 tips that can help you in life


Here is my Top 6 things that I’ve learned this year, some precious lessons in life that can permits you to progress and advance in your student life.


  • Appreciate moments with my family :

During this year, I’ve seen less my family and I’m really sad about that. It is difficult, now that I am away, to find a moment where we can all be. But I realize that I appreciate most our meetings, we enjoy more because we don’t know when we will see each other again.


  • Appreciate the Present :

Never take things for granted and be thankful for whatever circumstances you find yourself in. Everything is a matter of perspective and you can choose to see the good in everything. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. You have to move on and let the past where it is.


  • Work Smarter Not Harder :

You need to work hard and long hours to reach your goals. Chances are that what you’re doing or trying to accomplish even if it is wrong. Sometimes you have to fail to evolve. There is something you know that other people don’t, just find in what you’re the greatest and develop it.


  • Meet new people :

This year, I shared some precious moments with very different people. Everybody has something to offer in your life, you discover new things and it is just granted. This is the best way to evolve and became a better person in the future. Thanks to this, I realize how lucky I am : I am surrounded by significant people, loved and I do not miss anything. Not everybody can say that.


  • Being comfortable :

Being comfortable with yourself means not comparing yourself to others, and feeling OK with whatever choices you make in life. For that, you have to maintain a healthy and positive mind, a happy and healthy spirit. I worked on myself and I am really proud of what I became. Before, I was scared when a teacher asks me to talk in front of the whole class, I was scared of being judged. Now, it is not a problem anymore.


  • Downtime :

Finally, if I’ve learned one thing this year it’s been about the importance of being able to switch off. Life can definitely be stressful and almost make you feel that you literally need to work every minute of the day. But what I’ve learned is that when you give yourself a proper break, you come back next day more motivated and productive than ever. Nobody can keep going at 100% all the time.